Micro Financial Savings

Help the World. Feed the World. Save the World.

Financial Accountability

Non Profit Charity
Micro Financial Savings, Inc. is a Delaware registered corporation operating in compliance with articles of incorporation required for a 501 (c)(3) non profit entity in accordance with Internal Revenue Service publication 557.

Our Vision
Micro Financial Savings envisions a world in which even the poorest people in the farthest reaches of the world  have access to capital needed to realize dreams for themselves and their familes. The latest development in the world of microfinance relies on an online platform which brings together the poorest people in the world in search of small dollar microloans with someone who has both the desire to solve poverty and an interest to lend to someone aspiring to start a new business.  This concept of peer-to-peer lending made possible through the power of the internet makes capital and opportunites available to people anywhere in the world.  By providing access to capital through small dollar loans, people now have a chance to better their lives and that of their familes. 

Our relationship with Kiva
Kiva is a an entirely separate non profit charitable organization with whom Micro Financial Savings has partnered with as they administer the largest online lending platform in the industry that reaches a significant number of people in need of capital to start a new business.  Since it's start Kiva has funded more than $ 360 million in loans to 840,000 different borrowers with loans starting at $25.  These small dollar zero-interest loans are used by the borrowers to start a new business or to build upon an existing one.  100% of every dollar loaned through Kiva goes directly to the poor.  Neither Micro Financial Savings nor Kiva take a cut, or charge interest on these loans administered through its Field Partners.

Risks & Due Diligence when Lending Money
If you choose the lending through our Kiva partner option, please know that there are inherent risks involved when lending money.  Following are examples of a few to consider when lending money to one of our borrowers.

Borrower Risk - when you lend money on Kiva, you may lose all or part of your principle.  While the payback rate on loans made through Micro Financial Savings and its Field Partners has a very high 99 % payback experience factor, past performance is no guarantee of future returns.  To mitigate the risk of borrower default, the network of Field Partners screen each borrower based on a variety of factors incuding prior loan history, reputation, and a solid business plan to name a few.  If a borrower does default on a loan, Field Partners are expected to pursue collection in accordance with normal practices in compilance with local and country norms and laws.

Country Risk - when lending globally, in particulare in the developing world where most of our loans are made, there are many risks that are not always encountered in the developed world.  For example, changes in political and government laws may alter how loans are repaid.  Risks at the local community level may be higher from region to region due to the presence of corruption and theft targeting new entrepreneurs sometimes seen in small, rural villages.  The very possibility of natural disasters should also be considered as another form of country risk that can devastate quickly and suddenly making repayment of a loan secondary to feeding one's family.

The above noted risks as well as many others not described above are addressed by our Field Partners who try and overcome each one to the best of their abilities.  By offering coaching and mentoring to the borrowers regarding the challenges of doing business in the developing world, Field Partners play a special and all-important role in helping each borrower succeed, one loan, one person at a time.