Micro Financial Savings

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Vincent A. Martinelli, III - Founder and President of Micro Financial Savings

Presently a Finance major at St. John's University in New York City, Vincent has dedicated a large portion of his spare time and financial resources to solving global poverty.  Having served as a volunteer for a wide variety of public charities and foundations over the years, his focus on helping solve global poverty came into clear view while studying abroad over the past year where he witnessed absolute poverty on a first hand basis while visiting more than a dozen countries in Europe and Asia.

In his role as President of Micro Financial Savings, Vincent leverages the power of the internet and the extensive network of NGO's (non-government organizations) to match people having the desire and the financial resources with those who have a dream to escape extreme poverty by someday owning their own business.  Vincent and Micro Financial Savings measure their success through the number of lives changed made possible by placing desperately needed capital within reach of the aspiring entrepreneur.  By successfully identifying and securing multiple sources of capital that can be made available to the poorest people in the world through small dollar loans and/or donations, Vincent's single focus of solving global poverty will someday become a reality.

Vincent's memberships include:
Microfinance Club of New York City
Microfinance Gateway
The Microfinance Assn of the UK
Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.