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Join a Team Loan:
To Join one of Micro Financial Savings Team loans, follow these easy steps to

Join a Team Loan:

  1. Register with Kiva to Create an account
  2. Login to account
  3. Select Find a Loan
  4. Select Lend and Checkout
  5. Apply to Lending Team: "Micro Financial Savings Save the World Fund"

Make a Loan:
Micro Fnancial Savings envisions a world in which even the poorest people in the farthest reaches of the world  have access to capital needed to realize dreams for themselves and their familes. 

The latest development in the world of microfinance relies on an online platform which brings together the poorest people in the world in search of small dollar microloans with someone who has both the desire to solve poverty and an interest to lend to someone aspiring to start a new business.  This concept of peer-to-peer lending made possible through the power of the internet makes capital and opportunites available to people anywhere in the world.  By providing access to capital through small dollar loans, people now have a chance to better their lives and that of their familes.

Why We Loan through Kiva? 
Micro Financial Savings has partnered with Kiva.org , the largest lending platform in the industry.  Since it's start Kiva has funded more than $ 360 million in loans to 840,000 different borrowers with loans starting at $25.  These small dollar zero-interest loans are then used by the borrowers to start a business.

How we are Funded?
100% of every dollar loaned through Kiva goes directly to the poor.  Neither Micro Financial Savings nor Kiva take a cut, or charge interest on these loans administered through its Field Partners.

To Join a Team Loan simply apply to lending team:

"Micro Financial Savings Save the World Fund"